The Japanese Patent Office has announced that it has decided to grant BrainCool’s technology to detect shivering for the product BrainCool ™ System patent approval in Japan (issue number: (2017-540 312).

CEO Martin Waleij comments;

– The fact that our product BrainCool™System, which regulatory approval in the market in Japan is in the very final phase, receives a patent in Japan for our technology for handling shivering during cooling treatment, gives a clear and important signal about the innovation level of our product BrainCool ™ System ahead of an upcoming launch in Japan.

The patent for shivering is now approved in Sweden, China and Japan and we expect approval for the application in Europe, the USA and South Korea as well.

The status for product approval is that the Japanese authority PMDA has approved all technical and clinical documentation, however they have requested translations into Japanese of certain production instructions from subcontractors. The documents will be sent to the authority in January.

The ability to handle shivering together with selective brain cooling are important components of the company’s offering in neurology. It is also in line with the unique possibilities the product has for temperature control during cooling, ie controlling the cooling with different effects on different cooling zones. The benefits consist of reduced side effects and reduced risk for shivering.

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